Villa Dollars

What is Villa Dollars?

What are Villa Dollars?

Do you know someone who loves Villa and the items we sell, but don't know EXACTLY what they want from Villa? Villa Dollars are your answer. Villa Dollars exist solely on our site and can be purchased at the price of $1 per 1 Villa Dollar.

The person you send Villa Dollars to just needs an account, then you can purchase and send them their Villa Dollars automatically. Send a gift, reward children for good grades or help them finally get those sneakers that they've had on their Villa wishlist. Villa Dollars are applicable to nearly everything online at

Order your Villa Dollars safely and securely by selecting a dollar amount, then adding your recipient's name and email address. We'll take it from there, depositing the funds directly into their account.

Villa Dollars are NOT transferable and can not be used in our Villa brick and mortar locations. All funds must be used through Some exclusions may apply.

Villa Dollars

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