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The Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" is one of the most iconic Air Jordan 12 releases. The shoe was worn by Michael Jordan during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. His Airness put up 38-points all while suffering a flu-like symptoms. After many releases that did not live up to the OGs, they’re finally set to return as a remastered version for 2016 and will release just like they did when they were OGs. The shoe features a full Black-based upper with Varsity Red accents throughout. The Jordan Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Flu Game' (Black/Varsity Red) is available soon at and at a Villa location near you!
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June 11, 1997

Game Replay

How it all went down the night MJ made it uncool to be lazy.

- June 11, 1997, the Chicago Bulls set to play the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals.
- The Jazz needed to win a third straight game in the Finals to have odds in their favor.
- Sometime before the game, MJ had been experiencing flu-like symptoms (pizza party gone wrong).
- With MJ struggling to play in the first half, Utah began to feel hopeful that they’ll win.
- Coach Phil Jackson used an 8-man rotation, but we needed MJ for this game.
- Every time out, Jordan would collapse on the bench and chug fluids (Smart, stay hydrated MJ).
- Running up and down the court, he gets tired. He’s struggling back to the bench. Too weak to stand up. (he even ignores the Gatorade)
- (As you sit watching this unbelievable game, calling in sick to work now becomes unacceptable. You continue watching).
- MJ seemed to have found energy to stay strong throughout the game. He may have been sick, but he wasn’t too sick to play basketball.
- Carl Malone was killing it, carrying Jazz down the court.
- Second half approached and Jordan began to catch fire!
- But between every dead ball, you could see the frustration and sickness in his eyes.
- Question still remained if the Bulls could actually win this.
- Jordan got fouled at 84-83 Utah with 46.5 seconds left. He ties the score, missing his second shot, but reclaiming the rebound.
- He shoots a 3, Bulls take the lead.
- Seems the sickness began to heighten his awareness; Jordan continues to score.
- Scottie Pippen carries flu ridden MJ as MJ had carried the Bulls to victory, leading the score 90-88.
- Michael Jordan brings home another title to the city of Chicago while still remaining to be the G.O.A.T.

So, kids, being sick to get out of gym class is no longer an option. Granted, if you’re feeling ill, go see a nurse. Just know that if you REALLY want to be like Mike, going after what you want means having the urge and desire to do so. And do it in the right kicks.

Flu Game

What You Didn’t Know

7 Wonders of the Flu Game:

1. The Air Jordan 12 ‘Flu Game’ was originally released back in 1997, then again in 2003, and again in 2009 where it did not meet the ‘OG’ standards. The 2016 version will be just like the OGs MJ wore.
2. There were many conspiracy theories surfacing MJ’s illness. Many believed his stomach virus was a cover up for Jordan being hungover from last night of partying.
3. It wasn’t the flu that got MJ sick, but a stomach virus caused from bad room service pizza.
4. MJ was in such a bad condition, he said he felt paralyzed.
5. He was so exhausted that he slept for many many hours, missing the Bulls’ morning practice on Game day.
6. He is a super-human.
7. NBA 2K11 on Xbox 360 allows you to play just like Mike, while recreating the ‘Flu Game’ play by play (only in Jordan Challenge Mode).


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