What is Homesewn?

Homesewn is VILLA's initiative to identify, support, and purchase from local fashion brands and designers, helping members of our community pursue their goals.


– Production Support
– Marketing Solutions
– Packaging Support
– Design Support


– Business Workshops
– Local Designers
– Fashion Creativity and Diversity
– Local Job Growth

How To Get Your Brand In Villa

  1. Look for the next Trunk Show Event.
  2. Fill out the event registration form.
  3. Wait for invite confirmation and further details.
Trunk Show

There are currently no Trunk Show events scheduled.

Have Questions? Click here.

How do I register for the Trunk Show?
You can register here.
What setup materials do I need to bring to the event?
You are provided with one six foot table to exhibit your merchandise. You could bring a table skirt or any props for display.
Do I have to pay for the event?
The event is free.
If the buyer likes my product, what's the next step?
If the buyer decides that your brand is right for Villa, he/she will inform you on the next steps.
How do I get paid from the event?
Each vendor is responsible for selling their own merchandise.
How much product should I bring to the event?
The amount of product you bring is optional; however, you only have one six foot table to display your merchandise.
How long is the event?
The event is normally from 6pm to 9pm. Times are subject to change.
How do I get my brand in Villa?
Register to attend a Trunk Show event here.
Does my brand name need to be trademarked?
No. However, your name should be available to trademark. All brand names will be researched through the USPTO website for availability.
When is the next Trunk Show?
The Trunk Show dates will be dsiplayed on the Home Sewn page in the Trunk Show section.
Am I guaranteed a spot at the Trunk Show event?
As spaced is sometimes limited, all applicants are considered as first come, first served. You will be notified accordingly.