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Change and enhance the way business is done in urban neighborhoods

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our Fashion

VILLA strives to be the premier fashion retailer by fusing the best of fashion and music into a high energy shopping experience. VILLA is committed to delivering superior customer service along with financial support and volunteer service to the communities we serve.

VILLA uniquely offers the complete “hook-up,” providing the best of fashion from your toe to your head…sneaks to your cap.

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Neighborhood Hub

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our Exciting Stores

VILLA is the “New Age Barbershop.”
Our stores, websites, and social media channels serve as hubs for the sharing of information on fashion, sports, community empowerment, entertainment and other topics shaping our community.

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our Community

VILLA’s significant investment in its sales experts and store environment delivers an extremely high energy environment for shoppers. VILLA sales experts are both current and aspiring community leaders, as the company hires from within the community. VILLA’s stores are equipped with flat screen televisions, apple computers, and live DJs.
VILLA is also known for guest appearances by the biggest stars in sports, music, and acting and sponsoring the hottest events.

At the Intersection of Fashion, Music, and Community

VILLA strives to improve ones around us

VILLA partners with schools, local governments, community groups, and individuals to improve our community through community service, educational initiatives, anti-violence programs, and economic investment.
Check the Join The Movement (JTM) section for more details.

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