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Let’s be honest, we all wanted to be saved by the bell at Bayside High back in the 90’s. We all even played that game of ‘which character are you?’ The geek, the jock, the popular girl, the perfect straight A student? But let’s face it, we all admired one character the most: ZacK Morris. He was the character every guy wanted to be like and every girl wanted to be with. Sure, he wasn’t the all-star athlete. Leave it to A.C. Slater to be the “token jock” of the group excelling in everything from wrestling to the quarterback on the Football team. But Zack had a certain swag and tenacity that made him beyond likeable. We all remember that episode where Zack shattered his knee before the game, shattering his high school basketball dreams and shattering all of our hearts. Maybe he would excel in a good old game of wheelchair basketball? We were hopeful. But Zack doesn’t stay down for long. He is constantly conjuring up his next prank on Mr. Belding. On the plus side, he had hot cheerleader Kelly Kapowski in his corner, cheering him on. Go Tigers!
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